NO Compulsory Purchase Order for Wanstead Flats!

It has been a while since I issued an article on the website regarding the use of part of Wanstead Flats for a Police Muster, Briefing and Deployment Centre during the 2012 Olympics. As we are all probably well aware, the muster station will be set up and used, despite considerable local opposition. (see here)

However, apparently some social networking sites have been putting out comments that the Police have issued a compulsory purchase order for land at Wanstead Flats, and this is not the case. A statement issued by Detective Chief Superintendent Alaric Bonthron of the Metropolitan Police reads as follows:

"In response to the comment posted earlier on a social networking site, the Met have not issued a compulsory purchase order for land at Wanstead Flats and have no intention to. As set out in the Met's planning application, the use of the fairground area of Wanstead Flats is for a temporary period of 90 days in the summer of 2012 and awaits the outcome of the judicial review process which is currently with the High Court. " 

Paul Ferris, 5th September 2011