Daffodils on Lincoln Island

The daffodils are in flower on Lincoln Island. There are numerous clumps of daffodils scattered around Wanstead Park, but few in any profusion. Many of those that are to be found may have arrived either by deliberate introduction to brighten things up, maybe as an unofficialy introduced commemoration, by throw-outs from nearby gardens or by some other chance.

Wren Group Practical Work 02120  0003artDecember 2001 - Wren Group member Les Rice rows Gill James and Jim Brown to Lincoln IslandOnly on Lincoln Island at the north end of the Ornamental Waters are there any to be seen in number. It was years ago when I first became interested in wildlflowers that I first was aware of them. I used the Wren Group's dingy to go over there to have a closer look, and at the time - and perhaps in my early enthusiasm and lack of experience - reported that amongs the variety of what may be called "garden" types, there were one or two "wild" daffodils Narcissus pseudonarcissus. I think now that may have been a mistake. Even so, I suggested to the group that perhaps we ought to try to preserve whatever was there.

Since then I have been over to the island a number of times, although only a few times when the plants are in flower. Most of the time there has been no sign of them, for it is once a year in the winter that the Wren Group have been making expeditions to the island on one of their Winter practical work sessions. The idea of this has been to keep the site clear of bramble, saplings and fallen tree-litter, so that the daffs have a chance to be seen and possibly even to spread.

Daffodils wp 140324 01804artThe daffodils on 24th March 2014This must have been successful, although I wonder how much they have actually spread. They have certainly multiplied, but I feel that perhaps we ought to do a post-flowering session, dig some of the clumps up, divide them and replant them - thus spreading them as one might in a garden. They are not wild; they have evidently been planted at some time - but who knows when?

I like to think that they may be relics of an old planting when the house was still on the high ground where the golf-course stiil is. They are probably not that old; probably an expert on daffodil varieties might be able to offer some clues based on when the varieties were created or fashionable. Whatever the case, they do make a colourful display and must give pleasure to some as they walk around the Ornamental Waters. I suspect that few would think of the effort spent by a gallant few, rowing and being rowed across there every year, in winter, in a grand variety of weathers!

Paul Ferris, 26th March 2014