Alexandra Lake, Wanstead Flats


wf_alex_lake_280904_0527.JPGAlexandra Lake - viewed from a similar position in September 2004

wf_alex_lake_old_photo.jpg'Wanstead Flats, Manor Park' - an Edwardian monochrome postcard (courtesy of P. Saunders)










Alexandra Lake was a popular spot for recreation from shortly after it opened in the early 1900s. Still popular, the 'pebble beach' which for long sloped down from near Aldersbrook Road was taken away, and the pond re-edged. This led to a growth of willow and silver birch at the edge, which created just a muddy inaccessible border. The photo taken in 2004 does not yet show that growth.

wf_alex_lake_drain_019.jpgCeramic drain installed early in 20th Century now encased in the roots of a tree. March 2002

wf_alex_lake_drain_020.jpgCeramic drain installed early in 20th Century and now encased in the roots of a tree. March 2002












Shortly after the lwf_alex_drain_030402_002.jpgCeramic drain at NW corner of lake, encased in concrete but not connected to a surface-water drain. April 2002ake was originally created it was found that it often lacked sufficient water. To help overcome that problem.










wf alex drain 100228 30974photAn attempt to drain flooding of the playing fields into Alexandra Lake

wf drain by alex 200804 059photDrainage ditch near Alexandra Lake