Additions to species list (2017)

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This is a list of species newly entered (or shortly to be entered) onto the website. Clicking on the species name should take you to a photograph if one is available.

* in some cases the entry was made some time after the species was found. This may be due to a new identification or a previous mis-identification. The original find-date is is indicated within brackets.

Species Common Name Type of Organism Date of find or entry* Found by:
Eriophyes tetanothorax ? a gall (on willow) caused by a mite (05/06/2008) Paul Ferris
Dasineura acrophila ? a gall (on ash) caused by a fly (20/06/2008) Paul Ferris
Exobasidium ? a gall (on rhododendron)   (15/09/2008 ) Paul Ferris
Aceria macrochelus a gall (on  sycamore) caused by a mite  (25/08/2011) Paul Ferris 
Kaltenbachiella pallida a gall (on elm)   (19/08/2012) Paul Ferris
Phytoptus abnormis a gall (on lime)   (02/11/2012) Paul Ferris
Aceria ilicis a gall (on holm oak) caused by a mite (05/03/2013) Paul Ferris
Aceria pseudoplatani a gall (on alexanders) caused by a mite  (10/07/2013) Paul Ferris
Dasineura plicatrix ? a gall (on bramble) caused by a fly  (26/04/2014) Paul Ferris 
Briza maxima Large Quaking Grass Plant 26/05/2017 Paul Ferris