Abbreviations and some Locations used on the site

Alexandra Lake: Wanstead Flats - Also known as the Sandhills Pond; the most easterly of the three main open waters on Wanstead Flats.

Angell Pond: Wanstead Flats - Also known as Angel Pond, the Bandstand Pond or the Round Pond; third in size and at the corner of Capel Road and Centre Road, near Forest Gate.

Capel Road garden: A garden in Capel Road, Forest Gate, situated between Wanstead Flats and Manor Park Cemetery.

Chalet Wood: Wanstead Park - Woodland north of the Plain.

COL: City of London Cemetery.

CTW: Clapham, Tutin and Warburg - Reference book - CLAPHAM, A.R., TUTIN, T.G. and WARBURG, E.F. 1962. Flora of the British Isles. Ed. 2 Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.

Flats: Wanstead Flats.

Grove, The: Wanstead Park - An area of woodland east of Chalet Wood and extending down the south-western edge of the Ornamental Waters.

HP: Heronry Pond: Wanstead Park - The concrete sided pond, second in the chain of waters.

Northumberland Avenue: Manor Park. A road on the Aldersbrook estate situated immediately south of Wanstead Park.

OW: Ornamental Waters: Wanstead Park - The largest of the four open waters in Wanstead Park and nearest to the River Roding.

Park: Wanstead Park

Plain, The: Wanstead Park - An area of rough grassland between Heronry and Perch Ponds and Chalet Wood.

PP: Perch Pond: Wanstead Park - The third lake in the chain, between Heronry Pond and the Dell.

SOM: Shoulder of Mutton Pond: Wanstead Park - the first in the chain, the smallest and the most westerly of the four open waters in Wanstead Park.

STACE: Reference Book - Stace, Clive. 1997. New Flora of the British Isles. 2nd Edition, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge

SW: Sewage Works - The site of the old Redbridge Southern Sewage Works, situated to the SE of Wanstead Park. Also known as the Exchange Lands.


In addition, in some of the listings, a combination of letters and numbers may be given (eg P2). These relate to a grid recording system used locally and given on some of the site maps used on the website.