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This is a list of species newly entered (or shortly to be entered) onto the website. Clicking on the species name should take you to a photograph if one is available.

* in some cases the entry was made some time after the species was found. This may be due to a new identification or a previous mis-identification. The original find-date is is indicated within brackets.

Species Common Name Type of Organism Date of find or entry* Found by:
Eupteryx (florida ?) a leafhopper Bug 18/06/2016 Paul Ferris
Lygocoris pabulinus Common Green Capsid Bug 18/06/2016 Paul Ferris
Heriades truncorum Large-headed Resin Bee Bee 24/04/2016 (20/07/2015) Rose Stephens
Hoplitis (Osmia) spinulosa Spined Mason Bee Bee 24/04/2016 (11/07/2015) Rose Stephens
Nomada lathburiana Lathbury's Nomad Bee Bee 20/04/2016 Rose Stephens
Andrena dorsata Short-fringed Mining Bee Bee 20/04/2016 Rose Stephens
Valerianella locusta Common Corn Salad Flowering Plant 18/04/2016 Roger Snook
Andrena (wilkella ?) Wilke's Mining Bee Bee 14/04/2016 Rose Stephens
Osmia bicornis Red Mason Bee Bee 13/04/2016 (11/04/2007) Paul Ferris
Nomada fucata Painted Nomad Bee Bee 13/04/2016 Rose Stephens
Nomada marshamella Marsham's Mining Bee Bee 13/04/2016 Rose Stephens
Lasioglossum lativentre Furry-claspered Furrow Bee Bee 12/04/2016 Rose Stephens 
Nomada goodeniana Gooden's Nomad Bee Bee 12/04/2016 Rose Stephens
Piezodorus lituratus Gorse Shield Bug Bug 12/04/2016 Rose Stephens
Halictus tumulorum Bronze Furrow Bee Bee 11/04/2016 Rose Stephens
Lasioglossum albipes Bloomed Furrow Bee Bee 11/04/2016 Rose Stephens
Geomyza tripunctata ? a picture-wing fly Fly 09/04/2016 Rose Stephens
Andrena (chrysosceles ?) Hawthorn Mining Bee Bee 08/04/2016 Rose Stephens
Nomada fabriciana Fabricius' Mining Bee Bee 08/04/2014 Rose Stephens
Andrena labiata Red-girdled Mining Bee Bee 08/04/2016 Rose Stephens
Nomada flavoguttata Little Nomad Bee Bee 05/04/2016 Rose Stephens
Lygus (pratensis) ? a mirid bug Bug 02/04/2016 Paul Ferris
Phyllobius pyri Common Leaf Weevil Beetle 02/04/2016 Rose Stephens
Andrena nigroaenea Buffish Mining Bee Bee 02/04/2016 Rose Stephens
Andrena clarkella Clark's Mining Bee Bee 03/04/2011; 31/03/2016 Paul Ferris; Tim Harris
Discomyza incurva ? a fly Fly 31/03/2016 Rose Stephens
Aglaostigma fulvipes ? a sawfly Fly 25/03/2016 Rose Stephens
Lasioglossum morio Green Furrow Bee Bee 25/03/2016 Rose Stephens
Andrena nigroaenea Buffish Mining Bee Bee 25/03/2016 Rose Stephens
Platycheirus albimanus a hoverfly Fly 25/03/2016 Rose Stephens
Zoropsis spinimana ? a spider Spider 25/03/2016 Rose Stephens
Podops inuncta Turtle Shieldbug Bug 22/03/2016 Rose Stephens
Zora spinimana ? a spider Spider 22/03/2016 Rose Stephens
Trichosirocalus troglodytes a weevil Beetle 22/03/2016 Rose Stephens
Peritrechus geniculatus a ground bug Bug 22/03/2016 Rose Stephens
Lasioglossum calceatum Common Furrow Bee Bee 22/03/2016 Rose Stephens
Lasioglossum malachurum ? Sharp-collared Furrow Bee Bee 22/03/2016 Rose Stephens
Andrena (bicolor ?) Gwynne's Mining Bee Bee 22/03/2016 Rose Stephens
Andrena nitida Grey-patched Mining Bee Bee 19/04/2006; 22/03/2016 Paul Ferris; Rose Stephens
Andrena minutula ? Common Mini-miner Bee 22/03/2016 Rose Stephens
Tachyporus hyponorum a rove beetle Beetle 12/03/2016 Rose Stephens
Stenocranus minutus a leafhopper Bug 12/03/2016 Rose Stephens 
Eremocoris fenestratus a ground bug Bug 12/03/2016 Rose Stephens
Cinara piceae an aphid Bug 12/03/2016 Rose Stephens
Suillia variegata a fly Fly 11/03/2016 Rose Stephens
Caloptilia stigmatella White-triangle Slender Moth 11/03/2016 Rose Stephens
Andrena flavipes Yellow-legged Mining Bee Bee 11/03/2016 Rose Stephens
Blaniulus guttulatus Spotted Snake Millipede Myriapod 03/03/2016 Rose Stephens
Pemphredon inornata a wasp Wasp 03/03/2016 Rose Stephens
Monacha cantiana a snail Mollusc 03/03/2016 Rose Stephens
Leocarpus fragilis Eggshell Slime Mould Slime Mould 27/02/2016 Rose Stephens
Schizophyllum commune Split Gill fungus Fungus 27/02/2016 Rose Stephens 
Trochulus hispidus Hairy Snail Mollusc 18/02/2016 Rose Stephens/Paul Ferris
Acericerus heydenii a leafhopper Bug 18/02/2016 Paul Ferris/Rose Stephens
Phaonia (pallida) Orange Muscid Fly Fly 11/02/2016 (18/03/2015) Paul Ferris
Pterocomma populeum Poplar Bark Aphid Aphid 10/02/2016 Rose Stephens
Ideocerus sp. a leafhopper Bug 10/02/2016 Rose Stephens
Dorytomus (dejeani ?) a weevil Beetle 10/02/2016 Rose Stephens
Tetragnatha (obtusa ?)
a spider Spider 09/02/2016 Rose Stephens
Trentopohlia (abietina ?) an alga Alga 07/02/2016 Paul Ferris/Rose Stephens
Drosophila suzukii Spotted-wing Drosophila Fly 07/02/2016 Kathy Hartnett/Rose Stephens
Empoasca decipiens a leafhopper Bug 03/02/2016 Rose Stephens
Zygina nivea a leafhopper Bug 30/01/2016 Rose Stephens
Dorytomus (dejeani ?) a weevil Beetle 30/01/2016 Rose Stephens
Luffia (ferchaultella?) Virgin Smoke Moth 30/01/2016 Rose Stephens
Lonchoptera (lutea or bifurcata) a fly Fly 28/01/2016 Rose Stephens
Xanthogramma citrofasciatum a hoverfly Fly 26/01/2016 (24/05/2014) Paul Ferris
Angelica archangelica Garden Angelica Flowering Plant 26/01/2016 (16/05/2009) Paul Ferris
Polydesmus angustus Flat-backed Millipede Myriapod 25/01/2016 Rose Stephens
Euscelis incisus a leafhopper Bug 25/01/2016 Rose Stephens
Eupteryx decemnotata Ligurian Leafhopper Bug 25/01/2016 Rose Stephens
Tomocerus longicornis a springtail Collembola 25/01/2016 Rose Stephens
Pterocomma pilosum Hairy Willow Bark Aphid Bug 24/01/2016 Rose Stephens
Dicyrtomina saundersi a springtail Collembola 24/01/2016 Rose Stephens
Clausilia bidentata Two Toothed Door Snail Mollusc 24/01/2016 Rose Stephens
Longitarsus dorsalis a flea beetle Beetle 10/01/2016 Rose Stephens
Longitarsus sp. (flavicornis) Ragwort Flea Beetle Beetle 05/01/2016 Rose Stephens
Puccinia smyrnii a gall (on alexanders) Gall 04/01/2016 Rose Stephens
Mangora acalypha Cricket-bat Orb Weaver Spider 04/01/2016 Rose Stephens