Lichens of the Wanstead area

Lack of expertise means that the tables below only represents of some of the species that are present, and in some cases uncertainty is indicated by brackets and a question mark.

Below is a list of Lichens. A photograph (where available) of a specimen found somewhere in the area may be viewed by clicking on the scientific name.


Species Common Name Location
Caloplaca sp.   col 15/03/2008
Candelariella aurella   wp ??/05/2007
Catillaria sp. ?   col 03/11/2005
Cladonia (chlorophaea ?)   wp 23/10/2004; sw 26/12/2004
Cladonia sp. (fimbriata ?)   Capel Road, garden wall 09/11/2002
Cladonia sp. (furcata ?)   sw 09/11/2007
Cladonia sp. (humilis ?)   sw 09/11/2007
Flavoparmelia caperata   Capel Road, 27/05/2008; wp 06/05/2010; wf 07/04/2011; bw 28/10/2012; col 14/02/2013
Hypogymnia physodes ?   sw 31/01/2005 on a twig together with Xanthoria parietina; col on a rock slab, 14/02/2013
Lecanora chralotera   wf on a tree with X. parietina, 01/02/2005
Lecanora muralis   col 25/09/2004; wp 21/11/2004
Lepraria incana ?   wp, Chalet Wood, 23/03/2002
Melanelia fuliginosa subsp. glabratula   col 03/11/2005
Parmelia saxatilis   Capel Road, on plane tree, 13/01/2009
Parmelia sulcata   wp Warren Wood, 25/09/2004; by Heronry Pond, 02/03/2006; wf by Alexandra Lake, 08/08/2006
Peltigera (hymenina ?) Dog Lichen sw 16/06/2007; col 06/11/2012
Physcia adscendens   sw 30/01/2005; wf 18/01/2005; Capel Road, on a plane tree, 24/08/2004: col, 25/09/2004;
Physconia grisea   07/03/2002, Capel Road, on a plane tree; col 25/09/2004, 02/03/2007, 30/03/2008; Capel Road, on a plane tree
Ramalina farinacea ?   wp 13/03/2009
Xanthoria aureola ?   wp, on concrete fence post, 23/03/2002
Xanthoria parietina Common Orange Lichen wf 04/03/2002; Capel Road 24/08/2004: wp 1303/2009: sw 16/01/2005;
Xanthoria polycarpa   may be locally as common as the previous species. These two need checking



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