Lack of expertise means that the tables below only represents of some of the species that are present, and in some cases uncertainty is indicated by brackets and a question mark.

Below is a list of Lichens. A photograph (where available) of a specimen found somewhere in the area may be viewed by clicking on the scientific name.

Species Common Name Location
Caloplaca sp.   col 15/03/2008
Candelariella aurella   wp ??/05/2007
Catillaria sp. ?   col 03/11/2005
Cladonia (chlorophaea ?)   wp 23/10/2004; sw 26/12/2004
Cladonia sp. (fimbriata ?)   Capel Road, garden wall 09/11/2002
Cladonia sp. (furcata ?)   sw 09/11/2007
Cladonia sp. (humilis ?)   sw 09/11/2007
Collema (aurata?)   col on a flat tombstone in Chapel Avenue, 25/11/2022
Collema tenax   Capel Road on wall top, 16/11/2020
Flavoparmelia caperata   Capel Road, 27/05/2008; wp 06/05/2010; wf 07/04/2011; bw 28/10/2012; col 14/02/2013
Hypogymnia physodes ?   sw 31/01/2005 on a twig together with Xanthoria parietina; col on a rock slab, 14/02/2013
Lecanora chralotera   wf on a tree with X. parietina, 01/02/2005
Lecanora muralis   col 25/09/2004; wp 21/11/2004
Lepraria incana ?   wp, Chalet Wood, 23/03/2002
Melanelia fuliginosa subsp. glabratula   col 03/11/2005
Parmelia saxatilis   Capel Road, on plane tree, 13/01/2009
Parmelia sulcata   wp Warren Wood, 25/09/2004; by Heronry Pond, 02/03/2006; wf by Alexandra Lake, 08/08/2006
Peltigera (hymenina ?) Dog Lichen sw 16/06/2007; col 06/11/2012
Physcia adscendens   sw 30/01/2005; wf 18/01/2005; Capel Road, on a plane tree, 24/08/2004: col, 25/09/2004;
Physconia grisea   07/03/2002, Capel Road, on a plane tree; col 25/09/2004, 02/03/2007, 30/03/2008; Capel Road, on a plane tree
Ramalina farinacea ?   wp 13/03/2009
Rhizocarpon reductum   Capel Road on wall top, 16/11/2020
Xanthoria aureola ?   wp, on concrete fence post, 23/03/2002
Xanthoria parietina Common Orange Lichen wf 04/03/2002; Capel Road 24/08/2004: wp 1303/2009: sw 16/01/2005;
Xanthoria polycarpa   may be locally as common as the previous species. These two need checking