Miscellaneous Wildife of Manor Park Cemetery

The cemetery had not been frequently visited, with just cursory visits and observation which related more to birds and higher plants, but a  particular interest was taken in the area by local naturalist Rose Stephens, and she realised the importance of the cemetery - including its plants - for a variety of insects, numbers of which had not been recorded locally.

It is hoped that more frequent visits might be made to enhance our knowledge of our local wildlife. The list below is a beginning...

For Plants, click HERE;  for Birds, click HERE;  for some information about the cemetery itself, click HERE

Insects recorded from the cemetery:

Area numbers and letters relate to those on the "official" plan of the cemetery. RSt = Rose Stephens, who has provided all of the information collected here.

Type Species Name Date, Location and Recorder
Psocoptera Valenzuela flavidus a barklouse 14/10/2014 RSt
Collembola Tomocerus longicornis a springtail 25/01/2016 area 104 RSt
Collembola Dicyrtomina saundersi a springtail 24/01/2016 RSt
Collembola Orchesella cincta a springtail 29/11/2014 RSt
Cicadellidae Euscelis incisus a leafhopper 25/01/2016 area 75 RSt
Cicadellidae Eupteryx decemnotata Ligurian Leafhopper 25/01/2016 area H RSt
Cicadellidae Empoasca vitis a leafhopper 11/02/2016 area H, RSt
Cicadellidae Idiocerus distinguendus a leafhopper 11/02/2016 area G, RSt
Cicadellidae Empoasca decipiens a leafhopper 03/02/2016  area 22, RSt
Cicadellidae Zygina nivea a leafhopper 30/01/2016 RSt
Cicadellidae Mocydiopsis attenuata a leafhopper 28/01/2016 area E, RSt
Beetle Dorytomus (dejeani ?) a weevil 30/01/2016 area G/62 RSt
Beetle Phylliodes sp. a flea beetle 24/01/2016 RSt
Beetle Longitarsus sp. (flavicornis) Ragwort Flea Beetle 05/01/2016 RSt
Beetle Longitarsus dorsalis a flea beetle 10/01/2016 RSt
Arthropod Polydesmus angustus Flat-backed millipede 25/01/2016 area 103 RSt
Aphid Pterocomma pilosum Hairy Willow Bark Aphid 24/01/2016 RST
Bug Paloma prasina Common Green Shieldbug 25/01/2016 area 105 RSt
Bug Pentatoma rufipes Red-legged Shieldbug 25/01/2016 area H RSt
Lacewing Chrysopa perla? a green lacewing 14/05/2014 RSt
Moth Luffia (ferchaultella?) Virgin Smoke (female) 30/01/2016 RSt
Fly Lonchoptera lutea/bifurcata a fly 28/01/2016 area 129, RSt
Spider Pseudeuophrys lanigera a jumping spider 29/11/2014 RSt
Gastropod Clausilia bidentata Two-toothed Door Snail 24/01/2016 RSt
Gastropod Deroceras sp. a slug 24/01/2016 RSt