Aldersbrook Manor Estate, at the time of Smart Lethieullier (died 1760), showing its relationship to the Wanstead Estate and Wanstead Flats


Aldersbrook Estate at the time of Smart LethullierFrom Rocque's "Environs of London" dated about 1745.

 Note the separation between Smart Lethieullier's formal estate and the Wanstead Estate to the north. It appears that there is a considerable area of rough land - possibly grazing land - across which runs a track which enters the Parklands at about the same point as the present Park entrance in Northumberland Road opposite Wanstead Park Avenue.

Just to the south of the present day Dell - then the Square Pond - an avenue of trees runs southwards. The remains of an avenue is still present today in the form of some lime trees, although they are not shown on a later plan. (D'Oyley, 1816 - see here)

The junction of the present day Aldersbrook Road and Forest Drive are clearly discernable, and Wanstead Flats - shown here by the word "Forest" as part of Lower Forest as it was once known - lie to the south and west.