Jubilee Pond - wildlife - birds and other wildlife



Brown Rats are commonly seen around the pond and on the islands.

Fox - common throughout the area

Birds: the following have been noted associated with the pond - many taking advantage of the over-enthusiastic bird-feeding habits of people:

Canada Goose - large numbers always present, constituting a pest. 50 or so counted in August 2006

Greylag Goose - a pair with young visited the pond from time to time during 2004. Although they didn't breed on the pond the young were at first flightless and thus must have walked, presumably from their breeding place on Alexandra Lake where they were also seen. One was present in August 2006

Mute Swan - a young pair arrived in October 2004

Tufted Duck

Gadwall - Uncommon

Grey Heron - occasionally visit

Cormorant - less frequent visitor than Heron

Coot - common, bred in 2005

Moorhen - a single bird arrived in late October 2004

Black-headed Gull - common in winter

Lesser Black-backed Gull - sometimes present in small numbers in winter

Common Gull - common in winter

Mallard (including white domestic duck) - two white domestic ducks were released in mid October, 2004. One soon died, the other seems quite at home. Wild birds are common. Bred in 2005 and 2006

Pied Wagtail - frequently seen; five on 30/10/04


House Sparrow - one seen collecting material from peninsular area on 30/10/04; pond dipping area in August 2005. Common around pond area in 2006

Goldfinch - in car park and on islands 8 Jan 2005

House Martin - numbers over the lake in July 2005


Feral Pigeon - large numbers always present

Collared Dove

Carrion Crow - common around the pond

Jackdaw - a few were frequently seen during 2004, almost none in previous years. Increasing by 2006