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In the south of Epping Forest, areas such as Wanstead Park and Bush Wood, Wanstead Flats, Leyton Flats and Gilbert's Slade provide a variety of habitats which include ancient woodland, landscaped parkland, heath, grassland, lakes and ponds; these comprise a haven for wildlife...

This is where Epping Forest meets east London; not only in the Forest proper, but in cemeteries such as the City of London and in graveyards like St. Mary's in Wanstead, even in suburban streets, nature is there in abundance.

Wanstead Wildlife's aim is to display the rich diversity of plants and animals in the area to the people that live here, to act as a record of the species found, and to show those further afield some aspects of the area which they may not expect. As well as records of the species, there is a growing collection of photographs - all taken locally - to illustrate and possibly help in identification for local wildlife enthusiasts.

Wanstead Wildlife is an attempt to portray some of the wealth of wildlife that may be found in and around the Wanstead area of east London.

...Wildlife in and around Wanstead

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This site is designed to act as a source of information about the Wanstead Area and its wildlife. The information relates primarily to wildlife, but also includes history and other issues. No infringement of Copyright is intended, although some of the information contained in the site has been gleaned from a variety of sources.

The lists are primarily those of species that I have found or seen myself, although I have also appended records that have been reported to me and from other sources. 

No guarantee of the accuracy of the identifications of species is made, and in some cases an indication - such as a question mark (?) - may be given where there may be doubt or possibility of confusion with similar species.