Wanstead Parklands - the gateposts at Overton Drive


Gateposts at Overton DriveGateposts at Overton Drive

The gateposts in November 2004


If you refer to the article by ''Robert the Waiter" from 'Punch' dated Jan-June 1883, reproduced on this website you will see reference to the mention of the "Manshun House of the last of the Alldermen" , which was situated at the junction of Blake Hall Road and Overton Drive (north side)

The house was known as "Park Gates" and was the home of Alderman Sir Thomas Finnis, Lord Mayor of London in 1856-57. The house was demolished in 1925, but on both sides of Overton Drive still stand two impressive gate posts placed there in 1715 by Sir Richard Child. These are said to bear Sir Richard Child's monogram.

Reproduced below is a copy of a drawing by Guglielma Lister in July or August 1940 (see Biography), from an undated photograph by Mr Alfred Scott of Stratford, probably in the early 1900's. The text with the drawing also states that the pillar on the right was much damaged by enemy action in October, 1940. The drawing is part of Newham Heritage Service's archive. Thanks to Newham Heritage Service for use of the image and this information.

The pillars underwent extensive repair and renovation during 2003.


Gateposts to Wanstead HouseGateposts to Wanstead House


The text on the drawing reads:

Pillars of Entrance Gateway to Wanstead House

Standing 1940 in BlakeHall Road, Wanstead, at entrance to Overton Drive. The house seen between the Pillars (placed there in 1710 by Sir Richard Child) is 'Park Gates' known as the residence of Alderman Finnis it was demolished 1925. From photograph by Alfred Scott of (?), Stratford, before 'Overton Drive' was opened 1907 ? (Whole Plate, bromide)