The Chalet, Wanstead Park



Chalet Wood in Wanstead Park gets its name from the elaborate refreshment building that was situated some yards to the west of the garden of the Temple. It burned down, we believe, on 23 November 1948


In the dry weather of June 1996, crop marks became very clear showing the whole layout of the building - not just the main structure but also the verandah that ran all around the four sides. They were so clear that it was easy to take measurements of the building, and it was thought well worth photographing.

To get a better perspective for the photograph we used Geoff Bosher's Landrover with a ladder strapped to the side for extra height, with Pete Saunders and Paul Ferris taking turns to take photographs from the top. Passers by must have wondered what we were up to - particularly when one or the other of us was perched up top waiting for the sun to appear!

Sadly on that morning a corner of the crop marks had been torn up by earth moving equipment trying to remove - we were told - "concrete" from the Forest. What they churned up of course was part of the foundations of the building - only scarcely noticeable because of the very dry conditions. Now, any times in the future that the shape reappears, it will no longer be complete and the area will always show the signs of this unnecessary damage.


The Chalet, Wanstead ParkPhotographing the crop marks, June 1996 (photographed by Pete Saunders)

THE CHALET CROPS UP AGAIN - Crop marks of the Chalet, June 1996

Towards the top left of the picture can be seen the damage done when part of the foundations of the building were unnecessarily dug-up. The right-hand picture shows the method used to get the photograph!



The plan above was measured out and drawn by Pete Saunders