Leyton Flats - other features

Buildings, Constructions, Stones and Signs, Foundations.

This section contains some features of Leyton Flats that may not be so obvious to the casual visitor, or may have been overlooked or disregarded by those more familiar.

1. Birch Well - Snaresbrook. (details and photo)

2. Stone Boundary Marker - Snaresbrook. This is in very poor condition and the markings almost unreadable. It is in the birch wood a couple of metres north-east from the well. It can be seen in the photograph of the Birch Well. (photo) (more info)

3. Metal Boundary Marker - Snaresbrook. This cylindrical marker is in the birch wood near the above, a couple of metres north of it. This marked the position of an anomalous strip of land stretching from here to the River Lee known as the Walthamstow Slip. (see above)

The inscription is virtually illegible, but read: VISC'S. MAYNARD'S MANOR OF WALTHAMSTOW TONEY AND HIGH HALL (from photograph in Walthamstow's Vestry House Museum) (more info)