The number of bee species identified in the area was enhanced, particularly during 2016, by the efforts of local naturalist Rose Stephens, and her records are appended to my somewhat meagre list of species. Means of assistance to the identification of species have been helped considerably in recent years by not only the publication of good field guides such as Falk and Lewington's Field Guide to the Bees of Great Britain and Ireland (Bloomsbury Publishing, 2015), but also by the availability of good quality photographic equipment and on-line assistance from experts such as may be available from such websites as iSpot and iRecord.

However, identification made on the basis of information available in general field guides and by means of photographs cannot always be reliable. Some species require microscopic examination and specialist knowledge to reliably identify. As such, the information presented here relating to my knowledge of local bees should be treated with some caution. Where a species has been reliably identified, or thought to be distinctive enough that there is little doubt, then it is given here without comment. In some cases, though, it may have been only identified to Genus level, and in others a question mark is put after the species.

The genera list is arranged taxonomically (following Michener (2007)), with the species arranged alphabetically. (This is the order listed in The Field Guide to the Bees of Great Britain and Ireland by Falk and Lewington)


Name Family Species Locality and first records
Gwynne's Mining Bee ? Andrenidae Andrena (bicolor ?) Wanstead Park, 22/03/2016
Grey Mining Bee Andrenidae Andrena cineraria Wanstead Park; near Perch Pond, 18/04/2009 and on Temple slope in 11/04/2010; on Plain /04/2015
Clarke's Mining Bee Andrenidae Andrena clarkella Wanstead Flats 03/04/2011; Wanstead Flats 31/03/2016 (TH)
Grey-banded Mining Bee Andrenidae Andrena denticulata Capel Road garden, 14/06/2011
Tawny Mining Bee Andrenidae Andrena fulva Wanstead Flats, 19/04/2006; Wanstead Park, 10/04/2009; common in April on Wanstead Flats e.g. 13/04 2022; City of London Cemetery, 13/04/2022
Orange-tailed (Early) Mining Bee Andrenidae Andrena haemorrhoa Wanstead Flats 23/04/2015
Red-girdled Mining Bee Andrenidae Andrena labiata Wanstead Park 10/07/2015
Chocolate Mining Bee Andrenidae Andrena scotica Capel Road garden, 23/04/2014
Cliff Mining Bee Andrenidae Andrena thoracica Wanstead Flats, 19/04/2006
(Large) Shaggy Bee Andrenidae Panurgus (poss. banksianus) Wanstead Park, 13/06/2015
Blood Bee Halictidae Sphecodes sp. Capel Road garden, 10/05/2015
Wool Carder Bee Megachilidae Anthidium manicatum Capel Road garden 26 July 2016
Red Mason Bee Megachilidae Osmia bicornis Capel Road garden 11/04/2011
Patchwork Leafcutter Bee? Megachilidae Megachile centuncularis? Capel Road garden 01/07/2013
Flavous Nomad Bee Apidae Nomada flava Capel Road garden 05/05/2011
Painted Nomad Bee Apidae Nomada fucata Manor Park Cemetery 13/04/2016
Gooden's Nomad Bee Apidae Nomada goodeniana Capel Road garden 13/04/2016
Lathbury's Nomad Bee Apidae Nomada lathburiana Manor Park Cemetery 20/04/2016
Green-eyed Flower Bee Apidae Anthophora bimaculata Wanstead Flats, by Alexandra Lake, 14/07/2016; Capel Road garden 26/06/2017
Hairy-footed Flower Bee Apidae Anthophora plumipes Capel Road garden 15/05/2010
Garden Bumblebee Apidae Bombus hortorum Capel Road garden 01/06/2007
Tree Bumblebee Apidae Bombus hypnorum Capel Road garden, 27/02/2011
Red-tailed Bumblebee Apidae Bombus lapidarius Wanstead Park, 28/03/2006; City of London Cemetery, 27/03/2011
White-tailed Bumblebee Apidae Bombus lucorum Capel Road garden, 01/09/2004; City of London Cemetery, 17/12/2006; Wanstead Park 15/08/2010
Common Carder Bee Apidae Bombus pascuorum Wanstead Park, 03/04/2005; City of London Cemetery, 28/03/2011; Capel Road garden 05/05/2013
Early Bumblebee Apidae Bombus pratorum Capel Road garden, 02/03/2009
Buff-tailed Bumblebee Apidae Bombus terrestris Wanstead Flats, 19/04/2006
Honey Bee Apidae Apis mellifera City of London Cemetery 13/01/2008


List of species recorded by people other than myself - notably Rose Stephens (RSt). I have not personally seen these species.

Name Family Species Locality and first records
Hawthorn Mining Bee ? Andrenidae Andrena (chrysosceles ?) Manor Park Cemetery 09/04/2016 (RSt)
Short-fringed Mining bee Andrenidae Andrena dorsata Manor Park Cemetery 20/04/2016 (RSt)
Yellow-legged Mining Bee Andrenidae Andrena flavipes Wanstead Flats, 11/03/2016 (RSt)
Buffish Mining Bee Andrenidae Andrena nigroaenea Wanstead Flats 25/03/2016 (RSt)
Grey-patched Mining Bee Andrenidae Andrena nitida Manor Park Cemetery 08/04/2016 (RSt)
Wilke's Mining Bee ? Andrenidae Andrena (wilkella ?) Manor Park Cemetery 14/04/2016 (RSt)
Bronze Furrow Bee Halictidae Halictus tumulorum Wanstead Flats 12/04/2016 (RSt)
Bloomed Furrow Bee Halictidae Lasioglossum albipes Wanstead Flats 11/04/2016 (RSt)
Common Furrow Bee Halictidae Lasioglossum calceatum Wanstead Park, 22/03/2016 (RSt)
Furry-claspered Furrow Bee Halictidae Lasioglossum lativentre Wanstead Flats 22/04/2016 (RSt)
Large-headed Resin Bee Megachilidae Heriades truncorum Wanstead Flats 20/07/2015 (RSt)
Spined Mason Bee Megachilidae Hoplitis (Osmia) spinulosa Wanstead Flats 11/07/2015 (RSt)
Fabricius' Mining Bee Apidae Nomada fabriciana Manor Park Cemetery 08/04/2016 (RSt)
Little Nomad Bee ? Apidae Nomada (flavoguttata) Manor Park Cemetery 08/04/2016 (RSt)
Marsham's Mining Bee Apidae Nomada marshamella Manor Park Cemetery 13/04/2016 (RSt)